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Working Together to Support Patient Communities

Patients often need support that goes beyond financial assistance. At HealthWell, we value our relationships with patient advocacy groups and national health care organizations. We work with these groups to support patient communities. We refer patients to one another, and, together, we raise awareness for various diseases.

We applaud the HealthWell Foundation for recognizing the paramount need for frontline health care workers who are going to heroic measures to save the lives of those impacted by COVID-19 by providing a vital financial resource that will enable them to obtain critical behavioral health services.
    — Susan Gurley, Executive Director – Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Unfortunately, individuals living with PH often face significant financial barriers to care. Charitable assistance organizations like the HealthWell Foundation provide an essential safety net for those whose lives depend on these complex therapies. PHA is thrilled that a new resource is now available for PH community members struggling with premium and copay costs.
— Katie Kroner, Senior Director of Advocacy and Treatment – Pulmonary Hypertension Association

Hyperoxaluria is a group of rare diseases that require life-long medical treatments. For many living with the disease, treatment options may be unattainable due to cost, which can ultimately lead to an irreversible, potentially life-threatening, situation for the patient. We are honored to partner with the HealthWell Foundation to spread the word about the new fund and to be able to share this critical financial resource with our community.
— Kim Hollander, Executive Director– Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation

Spotlight on Gout Education Society

Formed in September 2005, the Gout Education Society is a nonprofit organization of health care professionals dedicated to educating the public and health care community about gout – an extremely painful form of inflammatory arthritis – and the related health care consequences of hyperuricemia. With the aim of improving the quality of care and minimizing the burden of gout, the Gout Education Society offers complimentary resources for both the public and medical professionals.



Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation

OHF is an international trusted leader to patients, researchers, physicians and care-partners around the globe. OHF puts patients first, tackling the overall challenge of getting better treatments to waiting patients by serving as a critical catalyst in the patient, research and medical communities. Since its inception, OHF has had one urgent goal in mind: discovering a cure to end hyperoxaluria forever.   Research is the driving force behind OHF’s mission because research provides hope to the thousands of people living with the effects of hyperoxaluria. OHF-funded research has led to groundbreaking discoveries that have unlocked the secrets of hyperoxaluria disorders — providing hope, energizing science, and helping provide better outcomes for patients around the world. To learn more, visit

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